How to Get an Insane Amount Done Without Burning Out

These days, I’ve got my hands into a lot of cookie jars. Variety is important to me both in my work and in life, so I’m working on a wide net of personal and work projects. These range from becoming more fit, improving my listening skills, and learning to speak Spanish to volunteering my time to serve on student government and organize entrepreneurial resources at my university. Between learning to be a great husband, writer, scientist, entrepreneur, and community servant, I’ve got around a dozen projects that I spend my time on at work and at home.

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Skyrocket Your Productivity with the Pareto Principle

One of the biggest problems for productive people is finding enough time to do all the things you want to do. There are ways to mitigate the problem, like waking up earlier and planning more effectively, but those strategies can only help so much. Since we’ve already discussed some ways to be more efficient and recapture wasted time, let’s turn our attention next to weeding out activities that aren’t giving us a good return on the time we invest in them. The rule we’ll use to do that is called the Pareto Principle. Continue reading “Skyrocket Your Productivity with the Pareto Principle”

Right and Again

When I was in high school, I was a percussionist in the marching band. Though I don’t play music much anymore, except for the occasional bit of piano, my role in the band was a huge part of my identity back then. I prided myself on being a good musician and leader, and I took those roles very seriously.

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Why and How to Be an Early Riser

I’m a morning person. I like to get up early, have a cup of coffee, and read. By the time I’ve read for about 20 minutes, I’ve usually shaken the last bit of sleepiness, and I work a bit on my personal growth and other goals for the day. Getting up before the rest of the world keeps me from being distracted from my work, and it’s my favorite way to prioritize personal goals by literally putting them first. Continue reading “Why and How to Be an Early Riser”

Either, Or? Choose Both!

Life is full of big decisions. When faced with a choice, people have a very natural tendency to think that only one or the other is possible. Should I go to college, or get a job right now? Should I start a family or wait until there’s less stress at work? Should I start that business I’ve been dreaming about, or should I stay with the secure job I already have? Most people feel that by making a decision between two possibilities, you create an irreversible split in the path that is your life. I think there is a better way.

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